Our Team


Technology freak. Math and Computer Science is my passion. In love with Solidity since 2017.


Master of Tech. Ditched crypto for NFT. Art is my second home.


CEO, Leader at heart. Came to NFT because of ART. Pushing projects to their limits.

Lukas Hahn

The man behind the art. Worked for multiple years in the software and gaming industry. Now he is a freelance digital artist.

Our Story

ExoGens is a unique NFT collection with 10,001 generative artworks, set against the backdrop of Exo-City. You, the collectors of the ExoGens artworks, will be offered an incredible opportunity: Together we will build and expand Exo-City. As an owner you have to chance to join the City Council and help form the future of the city. Exo-City is a wonderful new space, built by and for the community and artists, who form the backbone and heart of the project. We believe art should be at the heart of an NFT. Help us make it happen and join the adventure to build Exo-City.

More to be announced.


Stage 1 - Deployment & Creation

Whitelists are deployed. Become a lucky winner and be the first to collect ExoGens.

Stage 2 - SnapShot of all holders

One week after deployment a SnapShot will be conducted. Participate in the decentralized voting system and begin building Exo-City.

Stage 3 - Building Exo-City

Exo-City is one of many cities in the metaverse. Participants of the City Council (DAO) vote on the direction the city will head in. Each citizen and council member will receive $ART tokens. public, games and events are established.

Stage 4 - $ART rises, partnerships revealed

To enter an asset, game, or event, the council will pay taxes and ultimately burn $ART tokens. You can also use your $ART tokens to buy art.

Stage 5 - Project x deployed

The City Council decides on the evolution process of ExoGens, the Exo-City and artist collaborations.

Smart Contract